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Frequently Asked Question

Our focus is always on finding the best people to work with. Our bar is high, but you look ready to take on the challenge.

How does CandidateSide™ work in a nutshell?

We are recruiters that work on behalf of candidates, not employers. We help you with your resume/job titles, interviews, and we actually apply to jobs for you. When and if we can you a job we charge a percent of salary payable over 5 months.

How does this work if I want to try the service?

To try the service fill out this form and we review your resume/job titles and apply to 200 jobs which typically results in 1 to 4 interviews. That gives you a chance to see what we provide and also a chance for us to see if we can actually place you. After your first interview (or 200 jobs applied whichever is first) we will extend a full contract to work together. If you would like to work with us - you are free to, if not - there is no commitment.

What do you charge for the service?

We charge a percent of the salary we get you after you are placed. We typically do not charge anything up front. For some candidates, if there are concerns about placing you we may charge.

How to contact with your support?

Candidates that are in the program should refer to their private slack channel or directly with their recruiters. If you are currently not in the program you may reach out to team@candidateside.com. We only work with candidates in the United States.

Where are you located?

We are a remote team with half of our team in the US and half of the team located around the world. We only work with candidates in the United States.

Can I talk to someone?

Of course, if you are on this page it's because your salary expectations and expectations match what our service can provide. You may schedule a time to talk with us or call us at 803-886-0988.

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